Sous Vide °Celsius

Sous Vide °Celsius
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Bewertungen: iPhone/iPad App - Sous Vide °CelsiusBewertungen: iPhone/iPad App - Sous Vide °CelsiusBewertungen: iPhone/iPad App - Sous Vide °CelsiusBewertungen: iPhone/iPad App - Sous Vide °CelsiusBewertungen: iPhone/iPad App - Sous Vide °Celsius 3 Bewertungen
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Sous Vide °Celsius: Precalculated and tested information for precise temperature cooking!

Sous Vide temperature/time recommendations for:

● Beef & Veal
● Poultry
● Pork
● Lamb
● Game
● Fish
● Vegetables & Fruits
● Egg

✔ All recommendations assume an initial food temperature of 5°C /41°F
✔ "First Steps" – Tutorials help you get started with the Sous Vide technique.
✔ Convenient navigation for professional kitchen usability.
✔ Core temperatures for various foods
✔ A ruler to measure product thickness
✔ Toggle between Celsius and Fahrenheit (Set up in iPhone settings ->Sous Vide°C)
✔ Food safety guidelines for low-temperature cooking
✔ Notes - to refine your own experiences

More than 200 temperature/time recommendations, tested by professional Swiss chefs. An irreplaceable source of information for professionals working with the Sous Vide technique!

The information provided in this app does not replace the legal requirements of your local health authority. You may be required to work with a HACCP plan when using the Sous Vide technique with foods served to the public. Stay safe!

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