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Erschienen am: 29 September 2016
Firma: Fabian Gutscher
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Version: 1.0
Entwickelt für: iPhone / iPod Touch


Synchronisation of our steps is a simple thing, that we do every day when walking with someone. The app "Synchronisator" is monitoring your walking motion and lets another user hear the sound of your steps according to the „detected“ walking-rhythm. Just enter your name and your location, choose a sound of the steps you hear and tap "walk". If a second dot appears on the display you can start walking. Tapping on a dot lets you see the name and the location of any participant.

We believe there is a need for synchronization. The big tasks of our time can only be solved together. If this earth is destroyed it doesn't matter if you are Chinese, Indian, American, European or whatever nationality you consider yourself. The new technological tools and the internet created the „Global Village". Our economy is global but as individuals we still think in terms of nations. Even though we work with people around the world and have friends on the other side of the globe, walking seems to be tied to the actual place where we are.

Let's walk together...
Let's come together...
Let's synchronize!

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